Moldings can be made in a variety of different materials-- from wood to polyurethane, the choices could be overwhelming. When trying to make the decision on the type of material, you must think about how you will be finishing the moldings. If you are choosing to stain the moldings to add the look of wood to your overall design, than the wood mol...

Moldings can be made in a variety of different materials-- from wood to polyurethane, the choices could be overwhelming. When trying to make the decision on the type of material, you must think about how you will be finishing the moldings. If you are choosing to stain the moldings to add the look of wood to your overall design, than the wood molding would be the right choice for you. Wood moldings add warmth to the overall space-- the wood molding choices are: decorative sculptured wood molding, hand carved wood molding, machine carved wood molding, and pierced wood molding. If on the other hand you are looking to paint the moldings, than we would recommend for you to choose the polyurethane or polymer molding.


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  • Baseboard

    Baseboard hides the gap between the wall and floor and for that reason it is present in almost every room of the house. It was developed in the eighteenth century as owners of grand houses began to prefer plaster walls over wood paneling, and today it remains true to its purpose of protecting wall surfaces from shoes, furniture, and other domestic hazards. As an architectural detail, baseboard provides a foundation to a wall, as a base does to a column, giving the eye a starting point as it absorbs a room's decoration.

  • Ceiling Design
    Installing a ceiling medallion above your chandelier, ceiling fan, or lighting fixture is a great way to enhance the beauty of your ceiling and add value to your home. These ceiling medallions are designed from polyurethane, so they are lightweight and can be easily installed on your ceiling with nails or adhesive. The ceiling medallions in this collection range in size from 9 to 40 inches.
  • Casings & Chair Rail
    A chair-rail molding divides wall horizontally, usually about three feet above the floor. Chair-rail was originally designed to prevent the tops of the chair backs from denting or marring the walls. For this reason chair-rail molding traditionally located about 30 to 33 inches above the floor and wrap around the perimeter of the room.Chair rail molding and frieze molding are horizontal wall moldings have been popular features of many architectural styles. This moldings have a very interesting origins and styles. Chair rail molding, also called dado rail, is installed about waist high. Chair rail molding originally was used to protect walls from chair backs.Today, chair rail molding is a common detail in traditional interiors. Considered decorative by today's standards, chair-rail molding adds a feeling of detail and charm to the walls and lends continuality to a room by unifying itChair rail provides a focal point offering a beautiful decorating effect. Chair rail molding unifies various architectural details in the room, such as door and window trim, fireplace mantels etc. Chair rails often serve as a cap for wainscoting. Picture rail molding and frieze molding have a similar visual effect as a chair rail molding.
  • Ceiling and Wall Decor
    Decorative relief is a great way to turn those plain flat features of a wall, ceiling, or door into a conversation piece. These moldings can be used to add detail and design to any surface or to frame a special painting, mural, mirror or any décor you want to have a special place in your home. Installation is simple using adhesives and your imagination.
  • Columns

    These Columns are for Decorative Use Only

    These columns are manufactured with a dense architectural polyurethane compound (not Styrofoam) that allows it to be very durable and 100% waterproof. This material is delivered pre-primed for paint. It is installed with architectural adhesive and/or finish nails. It can also be finished with caulk, spackle and your choice of paint, just like wood or MDF. A major advantage of polyurethane is that it will not expand, constrict or warp over time with changes in temperature or humidity. It's safe to install in rooms with the presence of moisture like bathrooms and kitchens. This product will not encourage the growth of mold or mildew, and it will never rot.

  • Crossheads

    Created to “sit" on top of a window, a crosshead can span the distance of a single window or a set of mulled window units. One-piece crossheads are available up to 144-inches long from Fypon. For larger areas, two-piece units are available up to 288-inches.

  • Crown Molding

    Crown molding is the most popular type of cornice molding. Crown generally refers to the types of single-piece moldings that are installed on the angle to their adjoining surface. Crown moldings have a profiles that project out on the ceiling and down on the wall and gives a rich appearance to a room. As its name suggests, crown molding serves as an ornamental capping to walls, cabinets, and built-in furniture. Crown molding also used as a decorative support for horizontal architectural elements like decorative ledges and shelves. Adding decorative crown molding to the relatively simple room provides a certain character that the room would not have otherwise. Many complex looking crown molding profiles consist of the series of simple moldings installed together to achieve a finished appearance. Crown moldings are also used in combination with other moldings to add details to the fireplace mantels and shelves.

  • Door & Window Trim
    If you're looking to transform your room, nothing makes more of an impact than upgrading your door and window trim. Installation is easy even for the novice do-it-yourselfer. With over 70 different styles to choose from you're sure to find one perfect for your room.
  • FiberThane Balustrade

    FiberThane® is one of the newest balustrade products on the market. We combined the strength and durability of fiberglass with the crisp detail of polyurethane. This innovative hybrid balustrade system is available with over 100 unique spindles, can span up to 16’ lengths, boasts the easiest installation method in the market, can ship within 72 hours, and is even the most cost-effective system that exists. 

  • Finials

    Finials are the perfect accent to a newel post or column.

  • Panel Moulding

    Our beautiful panel moulding and corners add a decorative, historic, feel to walls, ceilings, and furniture pieces. They are made from a high density urethane which gives each piece the unique details that mimic that of traditional plaster and wood designs, but at a fraction of the weight. This means a simple and easy installation for you. The best part is you can make your own shapes and sizes by simply cutting the moulding piece down to size, and then butting them up to the decorative corners. These are also commonly used for an inexpensive wainscot look.

  • Pediments

    Pediments have been popular for thousands of years. Originally used in Greece, they are now a well used type of classical architecture. Today they are commonly placed above doors and windows to give a home exterior a classic and distinctive look. Ekena pediments are made from high-density polyurethane, making them lightweight and easy to install-Features. Modeled after original historical patterns and designs.  Constructed from solid urethane for maximum durability and detail. Lightweight for quick and easy installation. Factory primed and ready for paint or faux finish. Can be cut, drilled, glued and screwed. Designed for use on both interior and exterior applications.

  • Rope Moulding
  • Gable Treatments
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Showing 1 - 12 of 650 items