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Aeratis Porch Flooring is a solid extruded PVC tongue & groove porch plank proven to out-perform wood, polypropylene, polyethylene and open-cell PVC products. Its unsurpassed durability coupled with a historic and traditional design, fortifies your porch floor against natures adverse effects while standing up to the scrutiny of the most discerning traditional architects, builders, historic societies and homeowners.

aeratis vintage slate

Photo: Aeraits Heritage Porch Flooring in Vintage Slate

Aeratis Heritage now includes a acrylic based cap making the surface harder to scratch or scuff  maintaining the ADA slip compliance and much more fade resistant. All Aeratis products are easier to install than wood and can be used on covered and uncovered porch applications.

With the addition of Aeratis Legacy, a true 6 inch wide place reduces the installation time and fasteners resulting in a lower cost per square foot installation. Aeratis Traditions is paint-ready (with a 5-A paint adhesion) wood replacement product and is competitively priced compared to many wood species with far greater performance characteristics. See below for a complete explanation of Aeratis flooring products and their unique features.

aeratis heritage traditions collection DuraTech_Legacy_CT 
Heritage Collection Traditions Collection Legay Collection

Aeratis - heritage Collection


Photo: Aeraits Heritage Porch Flooring in Weathered Wood

Aeratis Heritage is a true double-sided tongue and groove porch plank that comes in three pre-finished colors, Battleship Gray, Weathered Wood and Vintage Slate. These colored boards are made with slight color variation along with subtle, random streaking to match the richness and depth of natural wood. Heritage, like all the other Aeratis products, can be painted or stained any color, any time in the future, by following the steps within the Traditions paint instructions.


 BattleShip Gray Weathered Wood Vintage Slate

The Heritage line of products are ADA slip complaint and carry a Class “B” fire rating (more flame resistant than any other competitors’ product). This double-sided board offers a finished ceiling look from the underside of a porch floor that is visible from underneath.


Photo: Aeraits Heritage Porch Flooring in Battleship Gray

Aeratis Heritage T&G porch flooring board dimensions are 3-1/8” x 7/8” and are available in 12’, 16’ and 20’ lengths. As seen above from left to right: Battleship Gray, Weathered Wood and Vintage Slate. The Aeratis products have the appearance of wood and natural color variation.

Aeritis - Heritage Dimensions:


Width: 3-1/8" (3.092)

Standard Width
Tongue & Grooved Boards available in:
12', 16' and 20' Lengths

Aeritis - Heritage Installations:

  • Covered and Uncovered Porches
  • Waterproof Applications
  • Balconies
  • Direct to Concrete
  • Boat Docks

Aeratis - Traditions Collection

aeratis traditions-2

Aeratis Traditions tongue and groove porch flooring/ porch decking is a paint ready wood replacement product. Competitively priced compared to wood at the time of install, Aeratis Traditions T&G porch flooring offers an unsurpassed warranty, endless design capabilities, significantly lower maintenance than wood and an appearance that not even the most discerning historic official could tell it is not a wood porch when your project is complete.

Simply said, “Only a rich man can afford to install a wood porch floor today”. This saying has a lot of truth. Not only is the life cycle of pine and fir significantly shorter than it was in years past, many consumers forget the actual annual cost of maintenance.  On average many porch owners pay between $4-$9 per square foot annually on maintenance and upkeep.

traditions porch flooring

Aeratis Traditions is an uncolored, paint-ready board that is designed specifically to replace wood tongue and groove products. Traditions can be painted or stained in any color.  Unlike the Legacy or Heritage line which can also be painted, Traditions flooring requires paint or stain to maintain the warranty.

Aeritis - Traditions Dimensions:


Width: 3-1/8" (3.092)

Standard Width
Tongue & Grooved Boards available in:
12', 16' and 20' Lengths

Aeritis - Traditions Paint adhesion:

aeratis porch flooring

Photo: Aeratis Porch Flooring

When painted, Aeratis Traditions maintains a 5-A paint adhesion, the strongest paint adhesion in the industry (no priming needed).  This means that you can enjoy the same low maintenance porch that matches the look and feel of your home in a color that’s right for you, with a Lifetime Limited warranty.  Most Traditions porches will hold paint significantly longer than its wood competitor at a comparable price.


Photo: A 3 year comparison of wood (top) and Aeratis Traditions (bottom).

Once Aeratis is painted, it is hard to tell it is not an authentic wood porch. We engineered Traditions to be used on new and historic homes without being able to tell it is not a real wood porch.  Review the two porch floors below. See if you can tell which porch has a wood floor and which porch has a Traditions porch floor. Take into consideration, both porch floors are on historic homes and both were 3 years old at the time of the photo.

Compare the two porches side by side and decide how you would like your painted porch to look after 3 years. The best benefit of Aeratis Traditions is, it is competitively priced to wood at the time of install. On top of a competitive price, you get the paint for FREE (please see below link for paint rebate form) and a 20-year warranty.

Paint Rebate Form

aeratis traditions

Painting Traditions is not like painting wood. When painted wood gets wet and the bond between the wood and the paint is broken. When using the recommended paints, it creates a chemical bond to the surface. Aeratis Traditions can now provide you with the color you want without the maintenance of wood.

Aeratis - legacy Collection


Aeratis Legacy is a 6” wide T&G porch plank. This board was engineered to match the wider planks used on many porches in the early 1800’s. The wider plank not only cuts the installation time in half, it provides a richness and beauty that could only be found on historic homes crafted before the 1900’s. The Aeratis Legacy product comes in 3 colors: Battleship Gray, Weathered Wood and Vintage Slate. The actual dimensions of the board are 6” wide, 7/8” thick and comes in 12’, 16’ and 20’ lengths.


 BattleShip Gray Weathered Wood Vintage Slate

When considering the overall value and aesthetics of a porch, many property owners consider using a radius edge deck board in a porch application. This can cause a few issues on top of the fact that, aesthetically, a deck board with gaps should never be used in a porch application. One of the issues with there being gaps between the boards is it allows moisture to pass in-between the boards. This can lead to moisture problems underneath the entire structure. In addition, the lack of ventilation underneath a porch and direct sun on the surface can cause many deck boards to swell and buckle.

Aeratis Legacy Collection

All too often property owners look at the cost per square foot of a deck board and compare it to a 3-1/8” wide tongue and groove board and they choose to use the deck board due to cost savings. With the introduction of the Aeratis Legacy product, and it’s built in hidden fastener system property owners can receive the cost savings from installation as well as a more competitive cost per square foot. Couple these two items with the known performance characteristics and Aeratis Legacy becomes the clear choice when considering which product to use on exterior living space.

Aeritis - legacy Dimensions:


Width: 6" (6.00)
6" Tongue & Grooved Boards available in:
12', 16' and 20' Lengths

Aeratis - universal Plank

Aeratis-universal plank-3

Photo: Aeratis Universal Porch Plank

The Aeratis Universal Porch Plank, or UPP, is a 5-1/2” x 7/8” x 12’ PVC plank specifically engineered to be used in conjunction with all of the Aeratis porch planks or as a standalone product. The Universal Porch Plank comes in Battleship Gray, Vintage Slate, Weathered Wood, and Aeratis proprietary paint ready formula.

One corner of the board has the unique feature of a pre-finished rounded edge, while the other three edges are 90-degree corners, offering more versatility in your designs. The pre-finished bullnose provides the finishing touch for the lead edge of stairs or a seamless picture frame. If the pre-finished bull nosed edge is not desired, just flip the board over for a square-edge look.

For stair applications, make sure the bullnose is facing out on the lead edge of the stairs. On the inside board that touches the riser, make sure the bull nose is facing down and to the rear of the stair riser. This will provide the appearance of a T&G surface, while providing a very small gap that will allow water to escape.


Battleship Gray, Vintage Slate, Weathered Wood, and Aeratis proprietary paint ready formula.

Aeratis Universal Planks

Photo: Aeratis Universal Porch Plank

Aeritis - Universal Porch Plank Dimensions:


Width: 5.50" (5.50)
5-1/2" Universal Porch Plank available in:
12' Lengths

Aeritis - Unversal Porch Plank Installations:

  • Stairs
  • Picture Frame
  • Balconies
  • Stair Landing

Aeratis - trim & Accessories 

aeratis half round

Photo: Aeratis Quarter Round Trim Moulding

To compliment the entire line of porch flooring products, there is a full line of trim in matching colors.

There is no better way to dress up the ends of your T&G porch planks or to cover where boards meet vertical surfaces than to use one of our trim pieces. The Aeratis trim pieces are solid extruded PVC with the DuraTech acrylic based cap,  giving you the peace of mind knowing that they are not cellular PVC.  All of our trim pieces come in 8′ lengths. If you are looking to paint or stain the trim pieces, simply follow the paint instructions under the resource’s menu on the right-hand side.


Trim Styles

  • Chamfer
  • Quarter-round

Aeratis Chamfer Nosing

Photo: Aeratis Chamfer Nosing Trim Moulding

Aeritis - Trim Dimensions:

Chamfer1 Chamfer2
Chamfer Nosing Dimensions (8' length) Chamfer Nosing Application
Quarter Round Dimensions (8' length)

Aeratis - Ceiling beadboard 

Aeratis Traditions Beaded Ceiling/ Wainscoting is a historically accurate, double-sided, paint-ready PVC ceiling product. The Traditions Ceiling board dimensions are 5” x 3/8”x 16’. What makes the Traditions Ceiling Board unique is the fact that it is the only synthetic that can be installed with the ceiling joist 24” OC.

24″ On Center Beaded Ceiling by Aeratis

Further, the ceiling board can be painted any color due to the nature of our proprietary paint grade formulation. (See paint instructions and paint rebate at Aeratis.com). The Traditions ceiling board not only saves time and money during the installation process, it dramatically reduces the overall construction cost due to the significant advantage of the 24” OC span rating over every other synthetic on the market.

The major advantages of the Aeratis Ceiling Board over any other are:


A: The Aeratis Ceiling Board is the ONLY T&G synthetic ceiling product that can be installed with a joist span of 24″ on center.

B: The Aeratis Ceiling is the only true double-sided, historically accurate ceiling board on the market.

Aeritis - Twenty-four Ceiling Plank Dimensions: